No dream is small and we dared to dream it.

It’s a usual day and routine life for us and the bug in us bothered us. There had been itching in our head and heart, to create a business to make a difference and to do something different in the world we live. After rounds of brainstorming, we realized that the trainer and training world has lots of gaps. There are good trainers and speakers, but people are not aware about them. There are people who have burnt their hands and wanted rated, reliable and competent trainers. Here, Reservaa came to our mind.

What do we offer:

One place for trainers and trainees, organization and facilitator, speakers and audience. One stop solution for training booking management, feedback, effectiveness measurement, feedback management and trainings and seminars marketing. Booking of training on website, so you can handle your execution part effectively. Multiple choice of trainings and seminars at one place, so you have chance to get informed decision. Customisation of management development programmes and trainings for corporate need. Training need analysis done from our end from experienced human resources professional. Organising training, development and learning need before starting. Connecting campus world with real business world, thus bridging the gap and improving human resources quality.

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