# 763 : Workshop on conducting and managing POSH complaints
Fort, Mumbai The venue is tentative and may change, Mumbai
On 26-Jan-2019
10 AM-4 PM
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POSH workshop
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Workshop on conducting and managing POSH complaints
ou are aware very well the cost of not managing well a Prevention of Sexual Harassment at a workplace that's too beyond what a law asks. Recently, a media house went into such controversy about an incident of a CEO and now, he had to resign, their funding has been stopped, HR team has been removed and now they are doing cost cutting. It may look just an Act but it has severe business impact. You are well aware about current #MeToo campaign. The impact is huge and irreversible.  We know the impact of a poorly handled POSH inquiry in Noida and how a VP committed suicide, the organisation reputation damage and also the legal action on IC for abetment to suicide.  

It is a must to build capacity of the IC members and HR in conducting inquiries and handling a POSH complaint in an efficient and effective manner.  

Trainer brief introduction:
Advocate Negi a professional lawyer and she holds LLM in IPR as well as LLB with the specific interest in law related to women and children. Before starting formal professional practice, She has worked in the area of drafting, human resource, business management and now she is also a co-founder and trustee of Samvad Foundation.  Samvad regularly deals with the issue related to women and children. I am also on IC of few selected organisation manufacturing, media, trading and KBO.

Key takeaway from this workshop
Historical insight of POSH
Major area of POSH 
Compliance related to POSH
POSH , constitution, IPC, other labour laws and human rights
Introduction to conducting inquiries
Rights of the IC, aggrieved employee and accused
Practical handling case through role play
The psychological aspect of conducting the inquiry

Fee: Rs. 2500 per participants
10% discount of 2 employees are nominated from the same organisation
15% discount if 3 and more employees are nominated
15% flat discount for startup, NGO and Social Enterprises
The fee includes the cost for workshop, venue, certificate, snacks and a lunch

Date:26th January 2019

Venue: Mumbai either Vile Parle or Fort, to be confirmed later. (If the participant will not be comfortable with the venue once announced, 100% registration fee will be refunded)