# 701 : HR Analytics using Ms-Excel and R Software
Evaluenz Corporate Learning Centre, Dattani Plaza, Sakinaka, Andheri East , Mumbai
On 16-Jun-2018
10.00 am to 6.00 pm
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HR Analytics using Ms-Excel and R Software

Human resource analytics (HR analytics) is an area in the field of analytics that refers to applying analytic processes to the human resource department of an organization in the hope of improving employee performance and therefore getting a better return on investment.

However, some of the analytical tools available to us as HR practitioners are under-utilised. A simple tool such as Microsoft Excel has the capability of generating reports on a real-time basis once data is fed into it. It is cost effective and meets the basic requirements for HR Analytics (once used in the right way).

HR analytics does not just deal with gathering data on employee efficiency. Instead, it aims to provide insight into each process by gathering data and then using it to make relevant decisions about how to improve these processes.
The key aspect of HR analytics is to provide data on the impact the HR department has on the organization as a whole.

What Excel can do for HR functions?

Excel is such a powerful tool that it can also be utilized in the HR field. In fact, some Excel functions when utilized properly can make the life of a HR professional quite easy! As Excel can help data maintenance and analysis, it can be used to collect and store HR data such as employment history, starting date, employee identification, termination date, duration of service, tracking of sick days and compensation record.

Why Use R for HR Analytics?

R is powerful, free, and open-source. This means you can get it (and learn it) for free at home or at work. Yes! F-R-E-E!!!Using R to build your HR analytics toolkit means your skills are 100% transferable to your next job…and the job after that. Knowing R even a little bit will put you WAY ahead of the curve in HR Analytics.
Date & Time:
16th June,2018 Sat
10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Evaluenz Corporate Learning Centre, 
Dattani Plaza, Sakinaka, 
Andheri East

Fees per Participant:  Rs.4000

Laptops - For the practical learning experience, it is advisable for participants to carry their laptops.
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