Mention of Agnihotra is found in Vedas, the ancient most knowledge source, known to mankind.

The Vedic sciences like Yoga, Ayurvea, Agnihotra, etc practiced by Rishis or Seers are techniques

which create harmony between our Mind, Body and Spirit.

H. H. Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj referred to as Shree by His followers spread all over

the world, revived this technique in the modern era, from Shivpuri, India and spread this message all

over the world. Agnihotra,according to Vedas, is the ancient most Upasana or a process of creating

oneness between our consciousness and Universal consciousness. Practicing Agnihotra has a positive

influence on body, mind, soul, & environment; and sets us on the path to attain inner balance & spiritual


Agnihotra is a purifying, healing phenomenon. Fire is known to benefit life on earth because of its

ability to episodically burn solids and liquids into life enhancing gases. The good gases released while

performing Agnihotra are charged with high energy and benefit human lives and other life forms in the


What is Agnihotra:

Agnihotra. Agni means FIRE and hotra means to offer unto the fire to create a healing effect.

Agnihotra, also known as Homa Therapy or Fire Therapy is an Vedic technique that enhances and nourishes human

lives creating an equilibrium between the nature within us and around us by tuning our mind and body with rhythm of

nature. It’s a process of purification whose positive results have been established by scientists, doctors, ecologists

both modern and ancient. Agnihotra is a fabulous and elementary healing therapy practiced by people worldwide as it

doesn’t have any religious or national nuances attached to it.

Agnihotra can be performed by anyone, anywhere, at home, in the garden, office etc in a clean and tidy environment.

The process is tuned to the biorhythm corresponding with sunrise & sunset, hence Agnihotra is performed precisely at

given local sunrise & sunset timings. Fire is prepared in a semi-pyramid shaped copper vessel. Two oblations of two

pinch-full of rice smeared with Cow’s Ghee is offered in this fire; simultaneously two Vedic Mantras are chanted.

Event Date:
12th March ,2018
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


PWD Ground
Pimple Gurav
Pune, MH 411027