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Learn from a master whose farming cost is 2 lakhs Rs and net earning is 9 lakhs. More than earning, it is all about healthy living

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Event Date:

Nov 18th (Saturday),2017



Maharashtra Mandal,2nd Main Rd,
Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560009

Do you think organic farming is costly and everyone  cannot do it? What if we tell you, the kind of food you are consuming is not at all fit for your health and there is a way to live healthy life/ What if we tell you that organic farming is possible even in urban area and you can grow four times more crop in the same land than what you are growing

Get  answer to such many questions from a renowned speaker and practicing farmer Akash Cahurasia ji who has many achievements. Gau based Vedic culture and Vedic farming is need of the hour and anyone can do it. Attend this session in Hindi in Bangalore. Hurry, we have limited seat only and filling it fast.

Who is Ashok Chaurasia

Sh. Akash Chourasiyaji is an Indian Best Farmer Nation Award winner by government and various institution/society etc. He has trained & inspired thousands of farmers/Army/foreigners/Universities/Govt officials in multi-layer farming (four layer). Following are his few of the accomplishment:
His training/services has been broadcasted on various TV Channels & NEWS papers
This type of farming reduces 5 times the expenditure & total benefits goes upto 8-10 times for the farmer
He developed innovative Natural Air conditioned shades to avoid impact of climate change
He created a seed bank of indigenous species of different grain, fruits & vegetable crop
He prepared more than 50 models of Self-Sustainable farming in various states of India
He is also Agricultural Advisor at Agricultural Festival Govt of Madhya Pradesh

For whom this event is for

Anyone who is interested in organic farming.

Anyone who is eager to know about healthy, pseticide free, chemical free food.

Anyone who is interested in Vedic style of farming

What does the workshop cover

The workshop take the participants through eternal, enchanting and engaging journey

Natural farming using desi cow dung and urine

Multilayer farming (4 layer): how it is done and benefit

Agriculture management such as:

Water management
Soil management
Pest management
Weeds management
Crop protection from climate changes, Time management
Manure management, desi seeds management and Cow care

Who is organising this event: 

CTE (Centre for Traditional Education) and Soulkshetra.

About CTE:

CTE is a non-profit & non-governmental organization dedicated to the field of Traditional Education. CTE is a registered trust in Mysore, Karnataka.
 It a team of inspired individuals working with the aim of reviving Traditional Education. We believe that traditional education concepts, curriculum and methodologies have a solution to the quagmire of complexities that is exists in the society today due to lack of value education.
Researching, networking, organizing parents and establishing model traditional educational centers are  our core areas.

The session will be in Hindi and participants are expected to know working knowledge of Hindi

Hurry, Limited Seats 300 Only

REGISTRATION FEE: 360/- Rs (inclusive of Herbal Juice & Lunch). Please note, the fee is to cover expenses of food, session, venue charges and CTE , organiser does not make any profit out of it.