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banking and financial law




This workshop will cover the practical aspects of banking and financial law. It is recommended for those who are planning or considering a career in banking and finance. This workshop does not require prior knowledge of commerce or accounting, and is suitable for engineering and management students.
a. Taking huge loans, which one lender alone cannot finance – Understanding syndicated loan agreements
b. Borrowing from foreign banks and institutional lenders – Why should you consider taking a foreign loan? What are the eligibility criteria to obtain an offshore loan? 
c. Regulation of foreign investment into India – Foreign Direct Investment
d. Capital markets

Do you want to learn some law for fun and profit? Do you want to learn how to stay a step ahead so that you can use the rules of the game to your advantage? Would your organization like to equip an audience with practical knowledge of law that can be used in daily life? Would your students benefit from learning practical aspects of business law in their career? Contact us for a workshop here

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