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Copy the following lines of code and insert them between the and tags in your HTML document. That's it! INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND TECHNOLOGY LAW ISSUES FOR IT ENTREPRENEURS





Can you use law to protect your company’s brand, codes, processes from being stolen by employees and competitors? Do you want to know about the documentation required for starting an e-commerce business? Can you use law to maximize the returns from your codes? Startup entrepreneurs and small business owners

Intellectual property is a key asset for any business, but it is the life of a technology company - be it the source code of software, the trademarks of your company, or patenting a new innovation - protecting intellectual property is very important right from the beginning.
In case of most tech startups, it is easy for competitors and employees to replicate the business model of a startup, and this is why it is necessary to have a strategy to protect intellectual property. Since the founders are the first line of defense, it helps immensely if a startup entrepreneur understands the law, including legal procedures, documentation and compliance requirements which enables him to safeguard his innovations.




Many software and app developers undertake projects as freelancers from their college days itself, which is useful in providing them a stream of supplementary income. Project-based freelance work involves a certain amount of legal documentation. An understanding of the key contractual terms such as service level agreements and how intellectual property law applies to their work will enable a software developer to get better terms for his freelance project.

This workshop shall focus on the procedures that must be followed to obtain intellectual property registrations, the modes of generating revenue from intellectual property (licensing, selling, etc.), the documentation for transfer and license of intellectual property, and basic tax implications arising from selling or licensing software.

What is a Copyright? What can you

copyright? How to register a copyright?

What is a Trademark? What can be

trademarked? How can you do it


 What is a Patent? What can be patented?

How to get a Patent? 

How can you sell your intellectual

property and make money?

Software and Apps: How to protect your

creation from getting copied by

competitors and Microsoft.

 Contracts and Licensing for selling


 What taxes do you need to pay if:

 You sell your software over the


 You sell it on CDs / portable drives?

 You export it all over the world?

 Your company creates and maintains

custom software for clients?

 Contracts for freelancers who develop

software and websites

Free BONUS material and Do-It- Yoursel

kits (worth Rs. 3000):

License agreement : a Do-It-Yourself kit

Trademark Do-It-Yourself kit

Copyright Simplified - Do It Yourself kit

Basic Patents guide


Do you want to learn some law for fun and profit? Do you want to learn how to stay a step ahead so that you can use the rules of the game to your advantage? Would your organization like to equip an audience with practical knowledge of law that can be used in daily life? Would your students benefit from learning practical aspects of business law in their career? Contact us for a workshop here

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