Panchgavya based treatment training in Mahad Maharashtra

Kendirya Gau Vidyapeeth,Mahad

At 160 km from Mumbai, on the Mumbai-Goa highway, on 1562 acres of land, the construction of Central Gau University is in the final stage in nature's aesthetic nature.

The first of the 24 different courses planned  Panchagavya Medicine  Vasant Panchami is starting on 22 January 2018.

Chief Acharya: World Famous Health Scientist Mr.  Sri Uttam Maheshwari  (Brief introduction is given at the end of the release)

First session timeframe: The 22 January 2018 morning will start from Sunrise Agnihotro. The 28 January 2018 will end after the Twilight Agnihotra. Detailed information of the second session will be told in the first session.

Charges: Free (Labor fee - Serve cow mother and get wonderful knowledge of cow mother)

Eligibility: Love towards Gauamata and there is only knowledge of writing.


Introduction to world famous health scientists  Mr. Uttam Maheshwari

Today, there is only one paiti in the country, allopathy Today's Ayurveda is not really Ayurveda, but allopathy is herbal therapy. Today's Naturopathy is not only Naturopathy but is Allopathy's Drugless Therapy only.

The health crisis that the whole world suffers from, India has its solution, but today we have forgotten that science itself.

Mr. Uttam Maheshwari puts this deep science in such simple words that the school children understand easily.

You say - there are only 10% Ayurveda in herbs, 90% Ayurveda is in our traditions. His point is that now the big doctors of the country are also saying that the biggest reason for knee pain is to stand and drink water.

The simple and humorous style of lectures of Vaastjee is so effective that if they leave for hours, even if there is no lecture in the number of thousands who come in the audience, there is no reason for it.

Uttamji is not a university or organization product. He lived in the deep forest of Assam and 12 years in the nature of nature in the farm and returned to Mumbai after becoming a scientist.

Your lectures are organized by IIT, Hospital, University, College, large social institutions, corporate.

You are connected to the 'Mission from the Cows' . Under which efforts are being made to keep ten thousand cows in houses till 2018. Your team has kept more than eight hundred cows in the houses so far. You pay the amount of lakhs of rupees you receive from lecture and health counseling for the same mission.

What is Kamdhenu vishwa vidyalaya:

Under the anspices of Sanskruti Punaruthan Trust, a unique and the only university of its kind in our country is going to take shape. We resolve to provide free education of all cow based subjects under one roof.

It is believed on the basis of scriptures that thirty three gods reside in mother cow. Since a few past decades it has been noticed that the significance and greatness of mother cow is under oblivion. As a result, our society also seems to be getting apart from its social, cultural, economic and spiritual identity.

This sacred mission is being undertaken with the object of restoring the lost significance of our society through the propagation and protection of mother cow. Society .not only independent, but inter dependent, may step ahead on the path of peace, good health and propensity.

Event Date:
22-28 January , 2017
7.00am onwards


Kendirya Gau Vidyapeeth
Mahad, Maharashtra
Call on  09904677705 or whatsapp at 8080154680 for details