The Identity of Learning


Using marketing approaches and theories we transfer relevant aspects into the internal communications of the L+D team. We take a look at the behaviour, communication and image of the department. We look at the perceptions of the team and the effect these perceptions have on the ability of the team to engage people within the organisation.

About Nancarrow Partnerships:

Our consultants are the minds behind the marketing advisory service provided within Nancarrow Partnerships. Our role is to listen to your needs, capabilities and goals providing constructive advice and support. We research market trends and needs, providing information on both long and short term financial potential to tap into. Producing information on ways to communicate with your prospective audience to generate engagement from them. We work with clients to establish marketing plans, providing a complete and clear picture of how to reach the right audiences with the right message.

Event Date:
Thu 18 January 2018
14:00 – 14:45 GMT


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